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Passing behind the moon

One of the more challenging, thusly rewarding, parts of The Off Switch is when a contentious communication happens right before I leave work. Since I turn off work email everywhere when I leave the office for the day, I just have to wait and wonder until the morning when I get back to the office.

Of course, that is exactly what everybody did before email and before smartphones especially. We all turned if off and while we may have gone over it in our heads, there was no action. Cut to now: while I may shut down, others don’t and so I am left wondering what I will awake to in the morning.

Like many Buddhist-ish pursuits, a discipline such as limiting technology is its own reward. While I still may be mulling a response in my head, I am not sending it. I’m looking into the face of my child, reading news, and otherwise not being hasty. And that’s good.

For me, it is an exercise in knowing what I can control and what I cannot. It also circumvents expending a bunch of time and energy that are ultimately fruitless.