A quest to tame technology-driven interruptions and distractions in my daily life.

Low Resolution Tech

It’s been 4 months and a day since I started blogging here at The Off Switch. Today, WordPress emailed me some automated stats to alert me that my 15 posts thus far had been viewed over 1,500 times! With only 63 ‘likers’ over on Facebook, I had no idea if anyone was reading, so this came as a pleasant surprise. The email also indicated that some arrived by search, apparently looking for “imac on/off button” or “switch my wife.” Sorry folks.

I have to admit that I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. The mass good intentions and conspicuous timing always make me wary. But this year, having started on a new resolution back in September, I feel ready to embrace the concept. If anything, I’ll re-up on the changes I’ve already committed to and stay vigilant.

Most years since we started our business, my wife and I have taken the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. We may check the odd email or knock out a couple of time-sensitive tasks, but mostly we just do other stuff. Again, this year, we had a sort of “stay-cation” wherein we hung out and generally worked on projects we’d been meaning to do all year long.

In terms of technological involvements, I found myself distracted in the sense that I knew emails were accumulating and that really bothered me. On the other hand, I did better than usual not diddling on the Internet/Facebook and generally not checking in.

I got food poisoning or some sort of raunchy virus on Christmas Eve and was near death for about 36 hours. I totally missed Christmas, but the upside was that I slept for an unprecedented span of time and didn’t so much as text or check email or anything for that whole time as well. It was a nice way to celebrate the holidays, even if I felt like crap. I think I’ll be experimenting with total tech blackouts this year – for vacation jaunts and holidays. Even though I’m not Jewish, I have thought about observing Shabbat with no technology to act as a mental sorbet. We’ll see.

So, here’s my resolution: I resolve to remain aware of the role technology and it’s rising tide of interruptions/distractions in my life and the world around me. In the past 4 months, I’ve already experienced a re-awakening of sorts. I’m more present, less impatient, and generally enjoying life on a deeper level. What’s more, I feel empowered to examine and change other aspects of my life that aren’t working as they should be. Just the simple act of asking myself if this bit of technology or that gadget are serving me well has me asking similar questions elsewhere.

Happy new year to you! I hope 2011 is surprising and invigorating!!

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  1. I’ve shared your blog with my friends, on FB and elsewhere… it’s great stuff. Not rejecting technology, but “re-embracing” life, so to speak… keep it up and keep writing about it.

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