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What’s in a wallet?

Admittedly, this post has nothing to do about technology or the interruptions/distractions caused by gadgets, but it does have to do with simplicity. Silly as it may seem, I have been on a 15+ year search for the perfect wallet set-up. My childhood friend Brian and I have both been working on it for years. At issue is finding a wallet that accommodates just enough, but not too much with the right features.

Over time, what I want from a wallet has changed, but one thing has remained consistent over the past 7-8 years: it must also accommodate my keys. At some point along the way, I decided that the number of keys on my ring was directly correlated to how needlessly complicated my life was becoming. At one point when we were working from home, I had it down to a car key and a house key. Then came the office… more keys.

The Jimi. That's a product name, not a pet name.

A few years back, after using some sort of zip-up wallet with a keychain on it, I discovered the Jimi Wallet, a plastic case with a money clip and key ring built right in. The limited size kept my frequent whatever cards at a minimum and the key ring was just dandy.

The holy grail of consolidating pocket things.

Then I got the wise idea that I could combine my wallet and keys and phone into one… thing. You know, so I could just wander around with that and a staff and a loin cloth. I don’t know what I was thinking but I definitely took it too far. While the Sena Wallet Case was handsome and could be retrofitted with a rectangular key ring, it only held about 3 items aside from the phone. Then there was the matter of the key noise when talking on the phone and the fact that opening the door or starting the key was awkward and frequently sent the phone flying. After a broken iPhone with no warranty, I reverted.

The Jimis ultimately wear out and so when I was making all the other changes, I decided to re-address the wallet. In order to keep keys on my person to a minimum, I had previously taken to clipping a second keychain to my laptop bag, which gave me a decidedly Schneider (a la One Day at a Time) sound.

I was looking at wallets that help iPod Nanos when that was part of my working configuration when I thought of a style I had previously dismissed: the key wallet. A key wallet is usually a tri-fold wallet with a series of little loops inside that each hold a key. I’d never used one and could imagine all of the keys laying down in there, but I thought it was worth a try. Not to be anti-climactic, but I got one and it is great. It holds like 6 keys and I put my car key on the external loop, which helps when it is dangling out of the ignition. Done and done.

This sporty little number is called the Dopp Regatta 88 Series Key Case


Comments on: "What’s in a wallet?" (1)

  1. Steve Frank said:


    I enjoy reading your thoughts here very much. I must be doing something right because I am now down to no keys. I had one key for the mailbox but recently the lock broke and I just left it alone.


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